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High Line

With innovative features like Bolt-Thru design, our rugged ratcheting lineman’s wrenches can easily handle all of the hardware found in electrical transmission and distribution applications. All made in USA.

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Pipe Line

With features that included dual opening sockets and multi-angle adjustable handles, our rugged ratchet socket wrenches can easily handle all of the hardware found in water, oil, and gas pipeline work.

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Auto Body Repair

Tools of the trade that auto body professionals have counted on for decades. Porter-Ferguson, a division of Lowell Corporation, delivers a line-up of auto body repair tools and equipment that makes the toughest jobs easy.

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Industrial OEM

Design engineers depend on Lowell to make tough designs work easily. All our ratchet arms and clutches, as well as hydraulic devices, provide reliable, economical machinery control without external power sources.

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Lowell Corporation News

Making Tough Jobs Easier Since 1869!

Since 1869, Lowell Corporation has been a leading innovator in the field of ratchet technology. Offering a wide array of standard and custom designed tools for industrial, utility and military applications, our 100% made in the U.S.A. tools provide for years of trouble free service.
Lowell Corporation's ratchet technology makes workers and original equipment more productive. We use this technology in nearly every product we make: ratchet arms; ratchet clutches; socket wrenches; roller clutches; and related products.
On most manual jobs and machine operation, there are turning points between inefficiency and efficiency. Our ratchet technology is really a turning point for productivity in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance operations. Let our ratchet technology be a turning point for you.