T-Torker Wrenches

T-Torker® Wrenches

For repetitive jobs requiring identical
torque settings

  • Highly durable
  • Audible overrunning when factory-preset torque is reached
  • Torque values accurate to ±10%
  • Fast, easy one-handed tightening in right-hand direction
  • Size and weight designed for hand comfort
  • T-shape creates effective leverage
  • Flanged reversing collar disengages the ratchet mechanism and locks the tool for conventional backing off and loosening
  • All mechanisms are sealed in die-cast handle and lubricated for the normal life of the tool
  • Available in three models: utility, industrial, and ratchet-only
ImagePart NumberPreset TorqueDrive TypeShaft Length (A)Handle Width (B)Modelhf:att:pa_preset-torquehf:att:pa_drive-typehf:att:pa_shaft-length-ahf:att:pa_handle-width-bhf:att:pa_model