Custom Applications

Custom Product Applications

Lowell wrenches, clutches, specialty tools, and clamps are the standard in many critical utility, industrial and military applications.  If our standard products do not fit your needs we will help design a custom product for your unique application.

Lowell can modify an existing product, assist your design team with an application solution, custom design a completely new tool or manufacture a product to your print. Simple modifications include custom ratchet gear pass-through openings, alternative exterior finishes, custom handle lengths (longer or shorter), special marking and increased or decrease number of ratchet gear teeth. More complex customizations include exotic materials or a completely new design.

custom1 Bent Handle for Steel Pipe End Prep Tool 
custom2  Hinged Handle for Shelter Mobilizer
 custom3 Locking Mechanism for Folding Helicopter Tail
custom4 Ratchet Arm for Soil Probe