Lowell Valve Wheel Wrenches provide extra leverage to turn tight valves.

For additional force turning valve wheels, our rugged valve wheel wrench allow the operator to free stiff valves more easily. The wrenches are available in aluminum and iron in 8, 15 and 22 inch lengths. We also offer a 30 inch cast iron model. Specially shaped opening engages the wheel without slipping or gouging the valve wheel’s hand ring.

ImageNamePart NumberHandle Length (L)Inner Diameter (B)Width (C)Materialhf:att:pa_handle-length-lhf:att:pa_inner-diameter-bhf:att:pa_width-chf:att:pa_material
Model V0 Valve Wheel Wrench
Model V0 Valve Wheel Wrench28678-99088"3/4"1"Cast Iron83-41cast-iron
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Model V0A Valve Wheel Wrench28678-98088"3/4"1"Aluminum83-41aluminum
Valve Wheel Wrench Model V1
Model V1 Valve Wheel Wrench28678-991515"1-3/16"1-3/8"Cast Iron151-3-161-3-8cast-iron
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Model V1A Valve Wheel Wrench28678-981514"1-3/16"1-3/8"Aluminum141-3-161-3-8aluminum
Valve Wheel Wrench Model V2
Model V2 Valve Wheel Wrench28678-992222"1-1/2"2"Cast Iron221-1-22cast-iron
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Model V2A Valve Wheel Wrench28678-982220-1/2"1-1/2"2"Aluminum20-1-21-1-22aluminum
Model V3 Valve Wheel Wrench
Model V3 Valve Wheel Wrench28678-993030"2-3/13"2-1/2"Cast Iron302-3-132-1-2cast-iron