Lowell Corporation’s Accessories for Triple Square Ratcheting Lineman’s Wrenches

Utility Belt “Bolt-Thru” Ratchet Wrench Holster and Belt Loop “Bolt-Thru” Ratchet Wrench Holster. 2 piece screw rivet quickly attaches to any tool belt. Features steel frame, leather back, and accommodates all Lowell ratcheting lineman’s wrenches.

ImageNamePart NumberModelOverall Length (B)Overall Width (C)Weighthf:att:pa_modelhf:att:pa_overall-lengthhf:att:pa_overall-widthhf:att:pa_weight
Lineman's Wrench Holsters Looped
Belt Loop Bolt-Thru Ratchet Wrench Holster H00221-84940-H002H0026-1/2"3"5/8 lbsh0026-1-235-8-lbs
Lineman's Wrench Holsters
Utility Belt Bolt-Thru Ratchet Wrench Holster H00121-84940-H001H0016"3"5/8 lbsh001635-8-lbs