Lowell Corporation ImpakDrivers

For original equipment manufacturers and plant operations: Tighten or loosen frozen screws, nuts, and bolts with a hammer blow. Rugged construction for long-term durability and reliability. ImpakDrivers prevent expensive and unnecessary damage to fasteners and machinery.

ImageNameDrive TypeLengthWidthWeightPart Numberhf:att:pa_drive-typehf:att:pa_overall-lengthhf:att:pa_overall-widthhf:att:pa_weight
Model 0690M ImpakDriver
ImpakDriver - 3/8" (Driver Only)3/8" Sq male4-7/8"1-1/4"1-1/8 lbs0690M3-8-sq-male4-7-81-1-41-1-8-lbs
Model 0065M ImpakDriver Kit
ImpakDriver Kit - 3/8" Driver With Bits3/8" Sq male4-7/8"1-1/4"1-1/2 lbs0065M3-8-sq-male4-7-81-1-41-1-2-lbs
Model 0067M ImpakDriver Kit with bits and sockets
ImpakDriver Kit - 3/8" Driver With Bits and Hex Sockets3/8" Sq male4-7/8"1-1/4"1-3/4 lbs0067M3-8-sq-male4-7-81-1-41-3-4-lbs
Model 0065MG ImpakDriver Kit
ImpakDriver Kit - 1/2" Driver With Bits1/2" Sq male4-7/8"1-1/4"1-1/2 lbs0065MG1-2-sq-male4-7-81-1-41-1-2-lbs
Model 0690MG ImpakDriver
ImpakDriver - 1/2" (Driver Only)1/2" Sq male4-7/8"1-1/4"1-1/8 lbs0690MG1-2-sq-male4-7-81-1-41-1-8-lbs