Push-Fit Oil Windows

For trouble-free visual inspection
Observation windows are used to provide a clear view of gears, lube level, couplings, chains or switches in sealed or oil immersed areas. Observation Windows can also be called oil windows, oil sight glasses or circulation windows.

  • One-step fixation, self-locking, no thread required, no machine wall reinforcement needed
  • Solid, shock-resistant transparent acrylic
  • Withstands temperatures up to 158° (70° C)
  • Absolutely oil tight, withstands internal pressures up to 8.8 psi (or higher with optional guard ring)
  • NBR seals
  • Removable film protects polished face from damage during delivery and assembly
  • White reflectors are furnished with all windows up to 8-inch diameter and are removable if not desired.

Observation Window Dimensions

ImageNamePart NumberOverall DiameterHousing Bore DiameterCDE (min)Reflector Diameter (F)Ghf:att:pa_overall-diameterhf:att:pa_housing-bore-diameterhf:att:pa_chf:att:pa_dhf:att:pa_e-minhf:att:pa_reflector-diameter-fhf:att:pa_g