Model 15Z Ratchet Arms

15Z-Series Cast Iron Ratchet Arms

For original equipment manufacturers and plant operation
Model 15Z is made of cast malleable iron, this durable and rugged ratchet arm is perfect for heavy-duty applications. Featuring reversing head control, 15 degree bend for knuckle clearance, enclosed replaceable gears, standard and special openings, and slim profile with bolt-thru design.

ImageOpeningPart NumberHandle Length (A)Overall Length (B)Overall Width (C)Handle Thickness (D)Bend (E)MaterialMeasurement Systemhf:att:pa_socket-openinghf:att:pa_a-dimensionhf:att:pa_overall-lengthhf:att:pa_overall-widthhf:att:pa_d-dimensionhf:att:pa_bend-ehf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_measurement-system