Overrunning Clutch

One-Way Overrunning Clutch

For original equipment manufacturers and plant operation.
Simple, rugged construction of Lowell roller clutches make them easy to integrate into a variety of new machine designs and plant operation retrofits. Applications include to protect equipment and material, to select speed or power source, to produce or alter motion, and to prevent motion.

ImagePart NumberStandard BoresTorque RatingOverrunning SpeedABCDEFGHhf:att:pa_standard-boreshf:att:pa_torque-ratinghf:att:pa_overrunning-speedhf:att:pa_ahf:att:pa_bhf:att:pa_chf:att:pa_dhf:att:pa_ehf:att:pa_fhf:att:pa_ghf:att:pa_h