Model 8D DoubleShot Plus

For pipeline installation and repair, combines two wrenches in one.

  • Available with two 2-in-1 socket sizes
    • Two hex socket combos: 1-1/4″ x 1-1/16″; 1-1/8″ x 15/16″
  • 12-point socket openings
  • 36 ratchet teeth for short 10-degree handle throw
  • 200 lb-ft torque capacity
  • Hi-Vis sockets and ergonomic handle grip
  • Weight 1-3/8 lbs
  • Made in USA
ImageOpeningHandle Length (A)Overall Length (B)Overall Width (C)Handle Thickness (D)Measurement SystemPart Numberhf:att:pa_socket-openinghf:att:pa_a-dimensionhf:att:pa_overall-lengthhf:att:pa_overall-widthhf:att:pa_d-dimensionhf:att:pa_measurement-system
Model 8D DoubleShot Plus Socket Wrench
1-1/4" Hex x 1-1/16" Hex12-1/4"13-1/4"2-1/6"1/2"Standard8D4D11-1-4-hex-x-1-1-16-hex12-1-413-1-42-1-61-2standard
Model 8D DoubleShot Plus Socket Wrench
1-1/8" Hex x 15/16" Hex12-1/4"13-1/4"2-1/6"1/2"Standard8D4D21-1-8-hex-x-15-16-hex12-1-413-1-42-1-61-2standard