Specialty Pipe Wrench Head Adapter

Pipe Wrench Head Adapter

Turns any breaker bar, square male drive ratchet or
torque wrench into a pipe wrench.

  • Fits any standard 1/2″ square male drive
  • Large capacity with maximum opening 4-1/2″
  • 285 lb-ft torque
  • All steel construction for rugged duty
  • When used with a ratchet, the unique stop bar prevents unwanted ratcheting during re-positioning.
  • Easy to grab from different angles for work in tight spots
  • Replaceable jaw teeth
  • Available with smooth jaws that will not mar chrome, brass or other fittings; gentle on finished and visible surfaces
  • Serrated jaws P/N 3A901-0000; smooth jaws P/N 3A901-S000
  • Weight: 3-1/4 lbs.
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